Hyperledger fabric Client (HFC) SDK for Node.js

The Hyperledger fabric Client (HFC) SDK for Node.js provides a powerful and easy to use API to interact with a Hyperledger fabric blockchain. The HFC is designed to be used in the Node.js JavaScript runtime.

Overview and Deep Dive

Development Environment Choices

  • Recommended: Fabric-starter-kit uses pre-built docker images for the Node.js client application interacting with Hyperledger fabric blockchain. This environment may suffice for a majority of Node.js application developers. The environment contains a built-in standalone sample ready to go.

  • Full Hyperledger fabric development environment on how to set up an environment for developing chaincode and applications.

    Note: Only recommended for development of the Hyperledger fabric Client SDK itself.

Sample Code

  • Node.js Standalone Application in Vagrant for a sample standalone Node.js application running in the full development environment within Vagrant.
  • Node.js Web Application for a sample web application and to see how to use the Node.js client SDK for a sample web app leveraging the client SDK to interact with a blockchain network.